Whether it’s a Radio or TV spot, narration, webfomercial or VO Demo…..we can handle it, within your time frame..and within your budget. 

Quality is our number one concern, and we have the knowledge, professional experience and state-of-the-art equipment to make your project the best it can be.  

With your script in hand, we can contact and professionally direct VO Talent, then download and edit the VT, add music….jingle and/or SFX….and then Master Mix your finished product. 

We’ll upload your broadcast quality Master to the FTP site of your choice as an .aiff or .wav file, or send it via email as a high-quality .mp3.  

(If you’re a VO Talent visiting Kauai, this Studio is for you!) 

We also offer CD Mastering and duplicating services if you prefer. 

From directorial expertise to award-winning editing and mixing, your produced Master will rival the best there is in major markets around the country.